GM & Constitution Drink

With pleasure I can announce, on Thursday 17 January 2019, the 31st Board of ConcepT will likely be constituted as follows:

M. (Marit) Lambers Candidate-Chairman
J. (Jop) Keja Candidate-Secretary
L.R. (Luuk) Nieuwenhuis Candidate-Treasurer
R.M. (Renier) Timmermans Candidate-Officer of External Affairs
  Candidate-Vice Treasurer
M.C.J. (Max) de Vries Candidate-Officer of Internal Affairs
  Candidate-Vice Chairman
Y.F. (Ype) Willemsen Candidate-Officer of Educational Affairs
  Candidate-Vice Officer of External Affairs

The GM will take place in NH205 and starts at 13:00. There will be free lunch!

Additionally, I want to invite you for the constitution drink of the 31st Board of ConcepT. It will take place after the General Meeting, on Thursday 17 January 2019 from 16:00 in 'Beneden Peil' in the basement of the Horst-building on the Campus of the University of Twente. I hope you can come.