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Nov 16, 2017
De Doelen, Rotterdam

Betondag 2017

At Thursday 16 November, the annual 'Betondag' (litterally: Concrete Day) will take place in De Doelen in Rotterdam. This day is organized by the Betonvereniging and is the biggest fair for civil engineers. Therefore, ConcepT will also visit this annual fair. Next to board members and committee members, we have some spots left for other ConcepT members. Participating in this event is completely free. 

During the day, a lot of interesting lectures related with concrete are given. Next to that, at the Betondag many civil engineering oriented companies are present. This event can be very helpful to get in contact with companies for your bachelor or master thesis. 

We will head to Rotterdam by bus. This bus will leave early in the morning at the campus. The exact time will be announced later.

Are you interested in coming with us to the Betondag? Sign up here and send a short motivation to Amarins via


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