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Board 2018
Date and time
Jan 14, 2019 18:45 - 18:45
Top Secret

Active Member Activity: Leaving with a Bang!

Time is almost over for Board 2018, which means that it is time for the Active Member Activity (AMA or ALA). To thank all members that have been active during our board year, we have organised a special event for you. What we are going to do, is top secret. You will be expected at P2 (near Cubicus) at 18:45. Depending on the number of participants we will charge you a fee of maximum €3,00. This year, dinner is not included, so make sure you'll arrive with a full stomach!

ATTENTION! The ALA is an expensive activity, you can unsubscribe till Monday the 7th of January. If you unsubscribe after the 7th without a good reason, the total costs (+/- €30) will be collected!


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