About this event

Almanac Committee 2022
Date and time
Jan 26, 2023 15:30 - 19:00
Beneden peil

Almanac presentation drink

After hard work, the Almanac is finally ready. Of course, this Almanac will be presented in style, in line with the theme. The committee itself will steel the show with an amazing performance, which everyone would want to see. It will be a hot performance, so make sure to not get too hot. Also, the committee will be there to sign the Almanacs, so everyone can have a personal Almanac. Who does not want that?

The Almanac is a yearly book about past academic year, so this Almanac is about 2021/2022. The book contains everything about the year, what happened in the world, what happened within the association and what happened within Civil Engineering. So, if you have dementia or you just want to freshen up the memories, the Almanac is a great help!